Friday, August 26, 2011

Rowan Lima

I want to take a minute to talk about Rowan's Lima yarn. We've had it in the store for a little while now and I think that not everybody realizes how completely AMAZING it is. I knit up a pair of legwarmers with it last year and thought.."hmm...yeah, well it's soft and nice, but eh".

Here are the legwarmers:

It wasn't until I started knitting a sweater recently...

that I realized how unbelieably amazing this yarn is!!! First of all, it's so soft, made out of baby alpaca, merino & linen. And the really unique thing about it is that it's chained! I thought it was a little weird at first, but look at this texture!!

It's BEAUTIFUL!! Anyways, I think that Rowan Lima should be given a chance because it is incredible. :) Also, it's going to be the softest, most beatiful (and warm!) sweater--perfect for fall and winter coming up!

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